How do we do it?

The objective of the advice service that we provide is to put in place solutions that enable you to meet your financial goals and then regularly review the performance of those solutions to help you remain on track. In order to achieve this, we follow the process set out below, which is broken down into six stages:

  1. Initial consultation
  2. Fact finding
  3. Research
  4. Present recommendations
  5. Implementation: arranging products and related actions
  6. Ongoing review

1. Initial consultation:

The purpose of this is to identify your personal needs and objectives, establish what benefits would result from using our services, outline our associated costs and give you the opportunity to appoint us.

2. Fact Finding:

This will involve a review of your current arrangements and circumstances in relation to particular issues you feel require attention.

3. Research:

Using the results of our fact finding process we will then carry out research to enable us to identify the most suitable solution to help you to achieve your personal financial needs and objectives. Any associated costs will be agreed before the commencement of researching the whole of the market.

4. Present Recommendations:

We will present your personal recommendations including specific product solutions that will support you in achieving your personal needs and objectives.

5. Implementation:

This process only begins once we have your agreement on the arrangements to be put in place. This may involve arranging or re-arranging investments or other financial products on your behalf and may extend to implementing a specific financial planning process, such as estate planning.

6. Ongoing review service:

An ongoing relationship with our clients is integral to Mercia Financial Planning, as we believe that it can add significant value to both individuals and businesses.